The History

The History

Built By Champions Since 1878

Old Tom Morris

Born in St. Andrews | 1821 - 1908

He was a sporting hero of his time and golfs first iconic
figure. He was the first golf professional engaged by a club (Preswick)  to provide a golfing service to its members. He was also the first professional to design and build a course from scratch in 1851(Preswick). Old Tom Morris played in the first 36 British Opens winning 4times. In 1877 he was given the task of designing a course at Arbroath Golf Links also known as the Elliot Links which at that time was 9 holes either side of the railway. He opened the course on the 9th March 1878 playing in an exhibition match against another famous professional of the time Mr Rob Dow.

Willie Fernie

Born in St. Andrews | 1855 - 1924
Willie Fernie was golf professional at Royal Troon for 37 years. He won the 1883 Open Championship and was runner up no less than 4 times.  In 1907 he was asked by the management committee at Arbroath Golf Links to re-design the course. More land had become available to the west of the railway and his remit was to fit 18 holes into the land. It wasn’t possible to fit in 9 holes out and 9 holes in the traditional manner and he came up with the unique design that exists to day. 7 out, 3 back, 2 out, 3 back, 1 out and 2 back.

James Braid

Born in Elie | 1870 - 1950
James Braid was a golf professional and renowned golf course designer. He won the British Open 5 times. In 1912 Braid retired from tournament golf and became a golf professional at Walton Heath Golf Club in Surrey. He was responsible for designing, building and remodelling over 200 golf courses in the UK, 40 of them in Scotland including Arbroath Golf Links.


Membership is open to all golfers irrespective of place or country of residence. Membership of the Arbroath Golf Links runs from 1st January to 31st December and allows you to play on the golf course, but does not entitle you to the use of Arbroath Artisan Golf Club, (membership of the Golf Club can be taken out separately). For details of “Club” membership see Club Membership page in Artisan Golf Club section .