Par 3

4th Hole

4th Hole Hole #4 COURSE GUIDE Par 3 166yds 4th Hole The 4th hole, the first of 4 par 3s at Arbroath. At 166 yards from the medal tee, surrounded by a burn to the front and right of the … Read More

7th Hole

7th Hole Hole #7 COURSE GUIDE Par 3 159yds 7th Hole An excellent par 3 that depending on tee position and wind direction can vary from a wedge to a fairway wood! Whilst out on the course last Thursday afternoon … Read More

14th Hole

14th Hole Hole #14 COURSE GUIDE Par 3 239yds 14th Hole Often described as the signature hole here at Arbroath the 14th is probably the toughest hole to par on the course from the medal tees. At 239 yards from … Read More

16th Hole

16th Hole Hole #16 COURSE GUIDE Par 3 182yds 16th Hole Now onto the final par 3 here at Arbroath, at 182 yards from the Medal tee, the wind can make all the difference on this hole. Into the wind … Read More